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IN, the first in a trilogy of EPs

A live acoustic rendition of Fluid, track two on IN, shot in the iconic Peak District - Northern Derbyshire (UK).

Ed performing Symmetry at a live session for Human Beatbox as part of his last EP campaign - demonstrating his loop station and beatbox capabilities.


The term ‘unique talent’ is banded around in musical circles, often too liberally. While it is best advised to avoid clichés, unique is the optimum word when describing Ed Geater.

The Birmingham (UK) born singer, multi-instrumentalist and beatboxer combines sublime songwriting, rhythmical dexterity and technical prowess in his masterful self-produced works.

His next release – IN – the first of a trilogy of EPs released on Birmingham label Brox Records, takes the listener on a three-step journey rich in melody and solace.   

Growing up on a staple musical diet of alternative rock, folk and electronica, equally matching his love of classical music, Ed switched his childhood instrument from violin to guitar and pursued his love of writing songs, whilst honing his metronomic beatboxing skills.

Influenced by his obsession with ambient electronic artists such as Bonobo, Boards of Canada and Four Tet – Ed set out to create the same vivid and textural musical landscapes, but only using his organic vocal beats, acoustic guitar and loop station. The resulting sound is an electronic infused, pop-laden and folk inspired tapestry, with clear nods to revered songwriters such as Jeff Buckley and Ben Howard.

Whilst Ed creates this sound completely authentically live, without any sampling, when producing in the studio he is not afraid to weave in layers of sonic textures, synthetic patterns and bass lines into his acoustic arrangements, adding depth and richness to the end product.  


IN begins with Four Sides and a Pointed Top, a hip-hop infused pop jam featuring acclaimed West Midlands MC, VITAL. The introspective song discusses the importance of finding yourself by looking within for peace and self worth, rather than directing your attention outwardly – with the infectious chorus hook chanting ‘one of these days you’ll get home’.

With Ed keen to champion rap talent from his home city, as with his collaboration with Birmingham’s Lady Sanity in ‘Found a Place’, VITAL comes roaring out the traps with his pointed verse – exclaiming how ‘many affiliates with the wickedest of ways’ will not hold him back from his quest to the top.  

Next comes Fluid, a harmony filled folk ballad that discusses humans’ inability to truly know someone – even those closest to us. While the ‘mystery that is someone else’ is a scary prospect, Ed is keen to emphasise in the context of love, this is exhilarating; ‘the more I love you, the more I fall in love again’.

IN closes with a five minute epic, Part of You, a bass rich tale of solace dripped in beauty and tension – punctured by two percussive drops featuring rhythmic guitar riffs that reference Geater’s alternative rock past but accompanied by his thumping beats.

“Illusion is what I hold onto, the past is just a picture in my mind, reflection is the present obsession. Redemption is nothing when it’s too late…”

With two further EPs in the pipeline, a publishing deal secured and an AWAL distributed record label in Brox Records, what the future holds for this unique talent Ed Geater is as exhilarating as his musical material.



Tom Bradshaw-Smith (Bona Fide Mgmt/Brox Records)


07863 298 299

What they say

‘The pools of music influential to Ed Geater are varied at least, confusing at most: folk, electronica, hip-hop and alternative rock. However, the precision with which he prises elements from each genre and perfectly balances them embodies the unique sound of Ed Geater.’ – Bab Mag

'Proving six strings and one brain can go a long way' - Louder Than War

'One of the West Midlands' most exciting talents' - BBC Introducing

‘If there is one thing we love to emphasize here at HumanBeatbox.com, it’s this: beatbox is music. Ed Geater is a perfect example of how beatbox can be used in magically creative ways.’ – Human Beatbox

‘Ed Geater & Lady Sanity are two of Birmingham's new artists to keep an eye on. Their collab "Found a Place" is an awesome blend of indie acoustics, hip-hop... and something I can't really describe, but it does remind me of walking around the island's vast fields. A true sound gem!’ – Stereo Fox

'Stunning' - It's All Indie

'A truly unique sound' – Counteract